Great Teachers

The in-school factor that has the greatest impact on student learning is teaching. For more than two decades, BPE  has been supporting Boston’s teachers to improve student outcomes through ambitious teaching. BPE has developed nationally replicated models of effective teacher education and professional development.

Our focus is always on student learning. Boston’s children need more teachers who can adapt instruction to each student’s needs so that every student makes significant gains every school year. We work with teachers at all stages of their careers to do just that.

  • Through the Boston Teacher Residency, we recruit and prepare new teachers for Boston’s schools, providing them with the theory, practical skills, and habits of continuous learning that help them be effective from the moment they become teachers of record.
  • Our ongoing teacher support includes coursework, team-based coaching, and one-on-one coaching for BTR residents, graduates, and their colleagues as they refine their teaching repertoire.

Our current efforts combine what we have learned from our past work and from the latest research on teacher learning and leadership.

Whether we are working with prospective teachers or seasoned professionals, our work is always collaborative, grounded in the classroom, guided by data, and focused on our ultimate measure of success: student learning.